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     3BT is a website that is being developed as an educational resource where teaching artists may access contemporary ballet class choreography for direct use in their classes, inspiration for ballet technique combinations, or, as a starting point for an exchange of ideas regarding dance teaching. 3BT features the class choreography of Zvi Gotheiner, Maria Simpson and Hannah Wiley, whose relationships to dance have been cultivated over many years of taking and teaching ballet class. While each possesses a different stylistic and aesthetic relationship to the form, they are united in the point of view that the study of ballet is meant to be accessible to everyone and informed by an understanding of the foundational scientific principles underpinning the technique.

     Like most dance forms, ballet technique has been shepherded across time by way of an oral tradition. This makes it challenging to find any documentation of what ballet class has looked like at any point over its almost 400-year history, outside of texts. It is nearly impossible to get a kinesthetic sense of the movement choices teachers were making. By centering the class choreography on this site, we imagine that 3BT can serve as an historical archive of sorts.

     Please use this resource in any way that enhances your personal endeavors, and share the site with anyone who may be interested.

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